eLEARNITY forms alliance with THINQ

3rd Nov 2000
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eLearnity, an independent e-learning consultancy has joined forces with THINQ in order to provide customers with a total integrated e-learning solution. By forming such a partnership, they will be able to offer implementation, development and management of e-learning strategies to ensure that they get exactly what it is they want from a single service provider.

They state that the services they will be providing will cover their e-learning products in more depth, such as:

  • e-learning strategy and business planning
  • large-scale deployment
  • customisation of e-learning tools and platforms
  • content design and development

e-Learnity were formed in 1996 and have been involved in many corporate e-learning projects, they also provide many speakers at e-learning conferences and develop articles and white-papers about the subject.

THINQ were originally the National Training Index, where they provided corporate learning solutions through the use of the internet where they connect businesses to locate their appropriate learning choices in education al development and skills training.

By creating such a partnership e-Learnity will provide THINQ customers with the appropriate learning strategies and ensure that e-learning will enhance development within their businesses.


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