Engineering Adventures open online learning facility

24th Jan 2000
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Engineering Adventures have just opened their on-line training facility using the latest Vitalize 2 plug-in. This technology is similar to Shockwave but with more emphasis on mathematical simulations and interactivity. It's capabilities will provide many powerful new facilities for training and communication over the Internet. It is particularly suited to the industrial and technology sectors and allows the development of complex software solutions for a cost effective price.

The following are just some of the examples that can be found at

1 Real time simulation that teaches people by allowing them to drive a 1930s steam locomotive. The same approach could be applied to teaching people how to operate most machines.

2 Hydraulic equipment training based on providing the equivalent of a physical test stand on a computer screen.

3 Simple to use calculator for advising companies of all their key financial deadlines.

4 Space Invaders, just for fun.

I technology offers some significant new development and also provides a nice contrast with the new technology (the Internet) allowing people to experience the old technology (driving a steam locomotive) free of charge.
If you would like any further information then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Gary Molton C.Eng.
Engineering Adventures


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