LeTTOL - skills and support to become an online tutor

17th Sep 1999
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Over 400 people have completed LeTTOL to date, from all over the world, from the private and public sectors, and from schools, colleges, and universities. The LeTTOL course was developed in the UK under the Further Education Development Agency's "Quality in Information and Learning
Technology" Programme, by the South Yorkshire Further Education Colleges' Consortium, a collaboration between all 8 FE colleges in South Yorkshire. In November 1999 won the "Beacon" British Educational and Communications
Technology Agency Award for Information, Learning, and Communications Technology to Support Effective Learning.

LeTTOL is for teachers, lecturers, trainers, materials developers, and academic or technical managers. It provides an opportunity for participants to gain an understanding of how on-line learning works, and it equips participants to:

*teach learners on-line
*support learners using email and conferencing
*manage on-line learning provision
*employ the Internet as a resource for teaching and learning
*apply appropriate learning methods in the design of on-line learning materials.

The majority of course activities, tutor support, peer interaction, and assessment, take place on-line. LeTTOL involves approximately 120 guided learning hours, spread over a period of around 4 months - i.e. 5-7 hours per
week for the duration of the course. The course runs five times per year, with runs normally beginning each January, March, June, September and November.

LeTTOL is accredited by the UK's National Open College Network, leading to four credits at Level 3.


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