Netscape Version 6 - now released

16th Nov 2000
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Netscape Communications announced the release of their new Netscape browser that operates an interface that works with Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. It also supports the XML programming environment that will help developers and users to create applications that can be used across platforms as well as transfer data between different environments.

Additional improvements include the capability to check for multiple e-mail accounts using the same screen and a new built-in search engine that shares space with the URL box where e-mail addresses are usually typed in.

Themes are included that allow users to fine tune their browser as well as their mail, Instant Messenger and Composer. A classic theme or a more modern, or the one they are already used to are choices as to how users wish their browser to look.

Other features are the Password Manager that helps users to remember all their login names and passwords of the various sites they visit on a regular basis. Forms Manager captures form information so that when they visit a website and it is asking for the same information every time, that a single mouse click will automatically fill the data in.

My Sidebar, a new feature added to the left-hand side of the screen, helps users to keep track of a collection of different things such as checking news updates or Buddy Lists.

The updated version can also manage cookies more easily, which helps web administrators more accurately track their users' navigation around the web.

Those who require more information about the product or want to download it can go to AOL


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