New version of Seminar - multimedia authoring software

1st Mar 2000
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Communication and training consultancy Information Transfer has launched a new version of its multimedia authoring system Seminar®. The Seminar Corporate Edition includes all the original features plus enhanced facilities for training management.

Described by one leading reviewer as "the simplest interface for creating computer-based training tutorials and assessments that I’ve seen to date"….Seminar is the most practical and user-friendly system available. It is aimed at people whose expertise lies in training and communication rather than computer technology.

The new Corporate Edition of Seminar provides recording facilities for course completions and test scores that integrate readily into the corporate training environment. Employee training records can be read directly into a Word document for sorting and formatting, and into an Excel spreadsheet or Access database for analysis and reporting. Direct insertion into a corporate employee database can also be arranged.

To help new users get started, Information Transfer has developed an introduction to writing CBT: Writing Effective Computer-Based Training. The course, which itself is delivered as CBT, focuses on the communication aspects of the medium rather than on the technology. As with all training, the way the information is structured and presented is crucial. Even experienced trainers who are new to CBT find that writing interactive material presents its own challenges.

Writing Effective Computer-Based-Training presents a no-nonsense, beginner’s guide to managing a CBT project and putting together the detail of the course. Starting with a look at the potential uses of CBT, it explains how to plan a CBT project and how to create courses that work. It provides a wealth of hints and tips on the nitty-gritty of devising effective screens to ensure that the course meets its objectives.

To launch the Seminar Corporate Edition, we are giving away copies of Creating Effective Computer-Based Training (usually £150) to the first 20 people who contact us!

For more information please phone Cathy Curwood on 01223 312227
Information Transfer, 15 Newmarket Road, Cambridge CB5 8EG
Fax: 01223 327017
Email: [email protected]


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