Online tutoring skills

9th Jul 1999
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A complete article by Clive Shepherd of Fastrak Consulting published online on his website.

The tutor is the primary customer-facing representative of the online learning provider and the main point of contact for learners. The tutor casts a much-needed 'human' eye over the online learning process, filling in the gaps that are left by self-study alone. But what exactly are the responsibilities of the tutor? Is tutor even the right term? In this article, Clive Shepherd takes a look at three potential roles for the tutor - as subject expert, coach and assessor - and at the skills the tutor will need to display to function effectively online.


Three roles for the online tutor
The tutor as subject expert
The tutor as coach
The tutor as assessor
Building relationships
Working with online tools
Becoming an online tutor


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