World's first wireless virus reported

25th Sep 2000
Share this content Anti Virus Emergency Response Team in Beaverton, Oregon have reportedly found the world's first virus that targets wireless hand-held computers.

Reports of viruses infecting the personal digital assistants (PDA's) was previously unreported, however, this virus called the Palm OS/Phange virus does not appear widespread.

The virus apparently fills the PDA's screen with a dark grey box, but can be simply repaired by shutting off and turning the equipment back on again and wiping the virus by deleting any file called Phange.prc.

Palm OS is the operating system that around 79% of these hand-held computers use at present and is wireless technology that connects to the internet or networks.

Earlier this year a game called Libery contained a Trojan Horse that could erase programs that were stored in a PDA, but this did not spread by attaching itself to other programs, in the way that the virus Palm OS/Phange does.


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