How freelancers can use social media

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One ex-freelancer told me: "If I was ever light on promotion or marketing for one month, I wouldn't notice it at the time, but I would a couple of months later."

In crowded marketplaces, how can freelancers make the most of the opportunities that social media provides?

There are many opportunities available:

  • Establishing more diverse, bigger networks
  • Direct marketing to interested prospects
  • Keeping up-to-date on industry stats and developments
  • Promoting your own content - and curating other pieces of content - to become known as a trusted source of information.

Watch Jon Kennard discuss how freelancers can use social media to get the most from their networks. If you have any tips or comments, please add them below.

About Jon Kennard

Jon Kennard is a freelance writer and social media manager, and former editor of


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01st Mar 2016 12:20

Excellent video - I didn't know what was out there!

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02nd Jun 2017 06:47

Excellent video - I didn't know what was out there!

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13th Jun 2017 07:17

Nice article f or freelancers to get new ideas........ Thank You

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