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This imaginative exercise, from Sean Kirk, asks delegates to describe themselves in a picture.

A useful exercise that I have used with an HR department was one I call 'Gallery'. It's a simple exercise were you give everybody a piece of flipchart paper and different coloured flipchart pens. Ask them to find a quiet space and draw an inanimate object that they feel best reflects their personalities and think of the reasons why that is.

For example, somebody may draw a bottle of champagne because like champagne that individual sees themselves as bubbly, colourful, expensive and a party animal. Somebody else may draw a kettle because like a kettle, they can take a lot in but it doesn't take them long to boil, etc.

Only allow pictures that the individuals draw and key words, e.g. bubbly, comfy, happy, that describe the object. Ask them to complete their pictures alone and when finished fold the paper and pass to you. When everybody has finished or you have a natural break find a wall and put up all the pictures in any order giving them all a number, e.g. 1 - 20.

Next give the group a piece of paper and ask them to decide who they think has drawn each picture. You may offer a prize for who gets the most correct. You can have a great discussion following this because there is bound to be some surprises. Have fun!

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