Trainer's tip: To Brand Or Not To Brand, That is The Question

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Martin Schmalenbach gives his advice about branding of training materials.

Students of Accelerated Learning will know where I'm coming from in my reply.

Those familiar with AL will tend perhaps towards the 'yes' camp - company style and branding CAN reduce effectiveness of the learning materials.

Branding & transmission of values & ethos happens in every case - though what is actually received can be different to what is INTENDED to be received.

If you have wonderfully engaging & effective training experiences (lots of AL perhaps!!), surely materials that match this will be consistent with the ethos the company has in providing great training.

My experience is that where an organisation is overly restrictive and prescriptive about training materials, you may as well not bother - they are so unattractive that they end up being sideshows or door stops instead of really useful in their own right. And if this is the case, why bother spending the time & effort producing them?

Martin Schmalenbach

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Branding of Learning Materials

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