Trainer’s Tip: Training the Trainer with No Budget

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Mike Morrison suggests ‘free’ ways to continue professional development.

If you’ve been in training roles for a long time you may just need some 'light' refresher training - you can often get this by going to free presentations and watching and learning from others.

Depending upon your skill base you may need to be 'fed' a little more but this is not going to be easy.

You could also consider the following - dependent upon your preferred learning style (Honey & Mumford etc):

  • Read and/or network with CIPD/ ITOL.
  • Do your work as a trainer and get training including in the package.
  • Peer learning - I meet up with fellow professionals two to three times a year and we take turns sharing any training we have been on or topics we have researched recently - this cost us lunch and a few coffees.

As a trainer you should be thinking about your CPD budget like a pension - if you don’t invest in it then where is your future?

Even as an employee it was not unknown for me to spend 10% of my salary on my own CPD outside of the business!

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Train the trainer with zero budget.

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