Coffee Briefing: Gratitude, micro-learning and visualising skills

Coffee Break
Shonette Laffy
Deputy Editor
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Put the kettle on and minimise your emails for five minutes - it's time for another of our weekly updates on the news, opinion and blogs from across the world of L&D.

Let us know what you think of the articles we've shared below, and tell us what you've enjoyed reading too.


- Why do we in L&D spend so little in the analysis phase? (How to Accelerate Learning)

- The learning solutions powerlist 100 (Rise Global)

- Much ado about learning (i-love learning)

- Can L&D departments keep pace with business? (Training Industry)

- Micro-learning: the next big, bad idea (Nick Shackleton-Jones, LinkedIn)


- How will you know that you're making progress? (Turning Over Pebbles blog)

- We need a better way to visualise people's skills (HBR)

- Learning is complicated (Sukh Pabial)


- Why professionals do things counter to their professional beliefs - often (The Oxford Review)

- The practical guide to fighting the funk while honouring your emotions (Huffington Post)

- The science of gratitude and why it's important in your workplace (Fast Company)

- Leaders: don't be 'they' (David D'Souza, LinkedIn)


- Robots and automation may not take your job after all (HBR)

- Using rapid development tools to build mobile learning (Association for Talent Ddevelopment)

- Is gamification the remedy for corporate training issues? (Pulse Learning)



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