Coffee Briefing: Home working, learning fads and the truth behind Myers-Briggs

Coffee briefing
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We've sifted through the past week's L&D news, opinion and blogs to find you some of the more interesting commentary on the industry and beyond.

Let us know what you've enjoyed reading this week, and what you think of the articles we've listed below!

Learning trends (or fads?)

- Why Zuckerberg is funding the evolution beyond cookie-cutter education (TechCrunch)

- Neuroscience and learning - fact or fad? (The Debunker Club)

- Video: Why the Myer-Briggs test is totally meaningless (Vox)

Skills development

- Why I speak at conferences (Sam Rogers, LinkedIn)

- Sales laziness: just doing the milk round (Serial Trainer)

- Talk with your audience, not at them (Google Slides)

- What are the key skills of a social service agent? (MyCustomer)

Sharks boat

The business of L&D

- Why L&D professionals need business intelligence (Upside Learning)

What makes an organisation's training plan strategic? (MIT)

Learning is not a hat: one size does not fit all! (Jordan Fladell, LinkedIn)


- How music affects your productivity (Gregory Ciotti, Medium)

- Three tips for working from home (Elena di Fiore, LinkedIn)

- How to read, and remember what you've read (Jory Mackay, LinkedIn)

Working from home



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17th May 2016 17:06

Wow, you posted a video about Myers Briggs made by people who completely misunderstand Myers Briggs. Or, more likely, a video funded by competitors to Myers Briggs. Well done Training Zone, what is the point of you again?

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to Jim Butler
17th May 2016 17:25

Hi Jim,
we try to provide a mix of viewpoints across TrainingZone, particularly in these round-ups, to show how certain L&D topics are perceived across the industry and beyond. We'd happily post a piece from you countering the points made in the video - you can reach me on [email protected] if you want to discuss this further.
Best wishes, Shonette (Deputy Editor)

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