Executing a PowerPoint presentation automatically

24th Aug 2001
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I want to automatically load a given powerpoint presentation when I invoke the Powerpoint viewer.

I'm building a presentation to be delivered on a CDROM. I'm using Pack and Go to pack my presentataion and include the Viewer (in case the customers don't have PowerPoint installed on their machines). I unpack the presentation into a directory that I will copy onto the CDROM.

It works fine, except that I have to first access the viewer and then select which PPt file that I want to run. I would like to be able to call the viewer and specify the file in one step.

My end product uses Director to call the Viewer exec.

Is there a way to specify the file to be played when executing the viewer?


Stephan Lewis
Stephan Lewis

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By admin
28th Aug 2001 11:11

How about making a shortcut....with the command line something like (the first part must be in speech marks)
"c:\program files\powerpoint viewer\ppview32.exe" myfile.ppt

This must be all on one line.


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By Scott Stein
26th Aug 2001 03:57


Could you copy Viewer to the client's machine when you copy your presentation? You can tell the client about it as you are giving them a helpful free tool....Once Viewer and the presentation file is on the client's machine, double-clicking the View file will exectute the presentation.

You might want to create the presentation in Director--I think you might be able to set the file to autorun when the CD is loaded in the drive.

Let me know if this helps.

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By Scott Stein
28th Aug 2001 18:25


PPT Viewer has no way of autorunning an exec. Can you import your desires PPT slides into a Director file, then create your autorun exec?


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