Multiple Slide show Linking

14th Aug 2001
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I understand it is possible in Power Point to take several totally separate slide shows and link them together in order to run them sequentially.
I saw a How To on the internet some time ago and didn't save the link or the instructions. I hope to take several of our students' projects and play them in one ongoing long stream, without having to start each presentation separately.
Any help would be appreciated.
George Tribes

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By AnonymousUser
29th Aug 2001 15:34

At our office we have engineers creating quite technical diagrams - some of which need to be in portrait layout in the middle of a landscape presentation. The answer is to setup a hyperlink to jump to another presentation (the technical diagram) and then setup another hyperlink back to the original presentation. Hyperlinks (within PowerPoint) are from Autoshapes (on the drawing toolbar) and Action buttons - follow your nose!

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By admin
15th Aug 2001 22:31

I guess you mean the THE tutorial on linking powerpoint presentations together ?

It's here at:

The above should all be on one line


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