Powerpoint slides into a Word document - how to keep file size down ?

24th Jul 2001
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I hope someone can help me....
I'm trying to put together several training courses. The student books will be Word documents, but there are already many Powerpoint slide shows to be included in the books. When I use Powerpoint's File - Send to - Word feature, and then insert the new Word file into the student book, the student book file ends up ENORMOUS - 47 MB and still growing. This is very slow to access, and I can't e-mail it (important - my training colleagues are all over the world).
Can anyone suggest a way to reduce the size of the Word file, whilst still keeping the slides in there ?
Many thanks.

Nansi Jarvis

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By Scott Stein
26th Jul 2001 14:18


You might want to try to save the slides as .jpg by doing "save as" and choosing .jpg filter. This will create a series of image files that you can insert into your Word document.

To reduce file size, reduce the size of the image as well.

Hope this helps.

Scott Stein

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By AnonymousUser
29th Aug 2001 15:35

While experimenting with file sizes, using Insert Picture from File was a lot "cheaper" than using Copy and Paste.

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