Training spend increase in US

The United States has spent more on employee training and provided more hours of training than ever before.

The results come from the
American Society for Training & Development
(ASTD) 2003 State of the Industry Report.

Over 270 organisations responded to the survey, the results showed:

- Training expenditure as a percentage of pay roll increased to 2.2% in 2002, up from 1.9% in 2001

- Training expenditure per employee increased to $826 in 2002, up from $734 in 2001

- Training hours per employee increased to 28 in 2002, up from 24 in 2001

- Training delivery via classroom decreased to 72% in 2002, down from 77% in 2001

- Training delivery via learning technologies (or e-learning) increased to 15.4% in 2002, up from 10.5% in 2001

-The employee groups receiving the largest percentage of training expenditure in 2002 were customer service employees (17%), with production employees and other professionals receiving 15% respectively.

Brenda Sugrue, Director of Research for ASTD said:'The data show that despite the economic challenges U.S. organizations faced in 2002, they continued to invest in employee training.

'It’s clear that these organisations understand that the key to sustaining a competitive advantage is a knowledgeable, highly skilled workforce.'


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