Does anyone have contacts with housing for older people including nursing home type provision in Europe,where staff are offered

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I am the training manager with a housing organsation which provides sheltered housing and residential care. I have the opportunity and a limited budget to find out about similar housing projects in Europe. Does anyone have contacts with similar professionals in Europe or know of interesting housing projects which I might visit.
sylvia barrett


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30th May 2001 16:59

Dear Sylvia,
If you don't mind waiting for a few days I'll run this by some spanish contacts of mine as I'm out there in a couple of weeks time.

If it's urgent I have one contact in local government in Barcelona who might be able to help, but her English is almost non-existent. Which may be the biggest problem visiting the type of establishment that you mentioned in Spain.

Can but try.


Megan Borysiewicz Cole
[email protected]

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