Equal Opportunities Training

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I'm looking for an Equal Opportunities training session to be run in early January. This would have special focus on harassment, particularly sexual harassment and bullying, and would be delivered to FE staff.

Unfortunately we need all 150 staff to be trained simultaneously in one afternoon, so this would require a team of around 10 trainers handling about 15 staff each.

Does anyone have any ideas of who to contact?

Gary Cookson


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By Donat
25th Oct 2001 15:26

I don't have a team of 15 trainers but do have substantial and extensive experience.I was for 16 years a Tribunal Caseworker on these issues and subsequently National Training Manager for the Equal Opportunities Commission(1984-99)

Pearn Kandola who have written to you are quite outstanding in this field.


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25th Oct 2001 13:48

Hi Gary

As you may know, occupational psychologists Pearn Kandola are well known in the field of diversity. We design bespoke training, which frequently includes coverage of all the areas you mention.

We have a lot of experience of running events for groups as large as 150, in addition to smaller groups. We are currently running a number of very large sessions with one of the big five consultancies and similar sessions with a range of public sector clients in the UK and Ireland.

We have received excellent feedback from these large events, which are challenging, interactive and fun.

If you would like to know more, or if we can help out with any other information, please get in touch. Our number is 01865 516202. www.pearnkandola.com

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24th Oct 2001 17:58

We can assist, please contact us on 0870 241 3998.

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