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Learning culture


Continuous learning is essential for companies to remain competitive in today's fast-moving business environment. Creating a learning culture in your organisation requires careful consideration as well as investment and engagement at every level. 

Learning analytics


With L&D trailing far behind other industries in the analytics journey, practitioners must start putting learning analytics high on their agenda to help transform the sector into one that can prove the effectiveness and value of learning solutions.

21st Nov 2019
By Senior Learning and Development Advisor
23rd Oct 2019
By Head of Learning & Development


Traditional approaches to leadership still pervade the world of business. But to be successful in an era of rapid technological advancement, we need leaders to hone new skills and adopt different behaviours.

On the edge
3rd Dec 2019
I spent two weeks travelling to Antartica with a group of a hundred-odd young leaders to share in their experiences and help them turn what...
27th Nov 2019
I’ve been in dispute with one of our suppliers. It’s a rare event that causes the frustration that sometimes results in tweets that make me...


Neuroscience can reveal a lot about how and why people learn. Armed with this scientific knowledge, L&D practitioners can make small changes to their learning offering that can make a big difference.