How is training integrated into your organisation? Your views researched

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The majority of TrainingZONE members have their training cycle fully integrated with the needs of their organisation, according to our recent poll.

The breakdown of responses reveals that 40% of voters said their training cycle was a formal process which started with identifying business objectives and linked directly to them. A further 18% said that appraisal, training and evaluation took place, but that they were not directly linked to business strategy.

However, a quarter of respondents said that training in their organisation happened on an ad-hoc basis as and when needed, and a further 18% said that although training needs were identified, they were rarely followed up or evaluated.

The full results, based on a response of 40 members can be seen in the table below:

Question: Is your training cycle a formal process?

Training needs are identified but rarely followed up or evaluated 7 Votes / 18%
Yes, it starts with identifying business objectives and links in to them 16 Votes / 40%
No, most training happens on an ad-hoc basis where needed 10 Votes / 25%
Yes, there's appraisal, training and evaluation but it's not linked to strategy 7 Votes / 18%


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