Introducing culture change into an organisation

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TrainingZONE Online Workshop
Introducing culture change into an organisation
Tuesday 25 July 2000

A key factor in the success of establishing new HRD initiatives in an organisation is the willingness of the organisation to accept them. An organisation with a culture of mistrust for change and an unwillingness to adapt is going to struggle to adopt new training initiatives, no matter how well intentioned or helpful training practitioners are.

With flexibility and the ability to adapt becoming more and more important in today's workplace, this has far-reaching implications beyond failing to create a 'learning culture'.

So how is it possible to establish an open, accepting and trusting culture, where there is no precedent for this type of behaviour? If you have been responsible for helping to guide organisational change or have come up against a difficult organisational culture which fought against change, do come along and share your thoughts.

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