IPD: request for feedback on professional standards

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The Institute for Personnel and Development (IPD) is canvassing opinion on the new professional standards they have drawn up to reflect the Institute's soon-to-be-acquired chartered status.

The standards have been drawn up after a consultation process with academics and some practitioners, but since the first draft was put together five years ago, the Institute is looking to revisit them to ensure that they 'meet the needs of the profession in the 21st century'.

From today, anyone who would like to comment can add their contribution to the discussion at www.ipd.co.uk, and [email protected] with any thoughts.


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05th Jun 2000 12:24

I think your question does not entirely relate to this topic heading but that issue aside; the same question was asked a few days earlier. I suggest you look at the following section:


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05th Jun 2000 11:36

I've worked in the customer service sector for over 4 years now and have been involved in supervisiing and training staff. I particularly would like to pursue training..so I need help in what to do next in order for progress in this direction.

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