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I'm looking for sample/template Job Descriptions for senior Board Members, specifically: M.D., Chief Executive and Quality Director. We are an SME with 76 employees in the service sector. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.
Mike Keegan


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By rodwebb
07th Sep 2000 13:04

We have developed a Training Needs Analysis that actually invovles identifying the objectives (primary and secondary) and the skills required to fulfill individual roles. It comes complete with templates that can act as job descriptions. I think this would suit your needs exactly and could be used throughout an organistion of your size to establish requirements of the various roles and identify training needs. Have a look at our website at under toolkits for more information or give me a call on 01423 546958. The complete toolkit costs just £75.00.

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11th Sep 2000 14:35

I have some 'real life' examples of job descriptions I have written for various senior manager/director posts. If these are of interest, please call me on 01494 605361. Jenny

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