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19th May 2009
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This month's caption competition winner is Mike Abott, for his suggestion; "Get the car running, I think I can nick all the sausage rolls".

Congratulations Mike, you've won a copy of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 speech recognition software, see below for more details.

Our new caption competition launches later this week, on our shiny new website. We'll be giving away an electronic voting system from Qwizdom, worth £1000 !!

In order to enter, you must first sign in to become a registered member of either LeadershipZone or - membership is entirely free and you can register here. We are currently working on a package of free member benefits, which we will be unveiling later this year.

  Paul Webb/Rex Features

Photo credit: Paul Webb/Rex Features

To see last month's winners click here.

This nifty package, which retails at £199, can transcribe up to 160 words per minute with 99% accuracy, while never making a spelling mistake, ensuring that your document productivity levels rocket! Create, edit and then save or share your documents in lightening time, whether you're creating Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or dictating emails. The program can also help to reduce computer related RSI injuries at work.

You can also use Dragon to navigate the web – new Dragon Voice Shortcuts collapse common multi-step tasks into direct voice commands. Now you can send emails and schedule meetings, search the web for information, products, news and more, or search your desktop by saying what you want.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking can also help to reduce RSI-related injuries at the desktop. If you already suffer from RSI or upper-body mobility issues and experience discomfort when using a keyboard, then using Dragon NaturallySpeaking will keep you as productive at the desktop as your colleagues.

Visit for more information.


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