Coffee Break: Collaboration, cultural fit and what makes a great mentor

Coffee Break
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Here's your lovingly-crafted list of news, blogs and opinion from across the L&D world.

Let us know what you think of the articles we've shared, and don't forget to tell us what you've enjoyed reading this week too.


- Why you should care about emotional culture (Talent Culture)

- 11 crucial interview questions to ensure cultural fit (Entrepeneur)

- Collaboration is not 'soft' (Quantum Shifting)

- Using marketing to engage learners (Charity Learning Consortium)


Is a lack of HR know-how in social media negligent? (Dionne Lew, LinkedIn)

- Here's what to look for in a truly great mentor (Inc)

How well are your leader-managers coaching? (David Goddin, LinkedIn)

How machine learning and AI will impact our lives—and how to plan for it (Anthony Onesto, LinkedIn)


Five (ish) books about performance, learning and working out loud (Rachel Burnham)

- The worst thing a public speaker can do (Donald H Taylor, LinkedIn)

CIPD Branches, doughnuts and strategy (David D'Souza)

- What is the value of your time? (Blake Henegan, LinkedIn)

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