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Mental health training for line managers: useful online resources

2nd Jan 2018
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Looking to raise your awareness of what resources are out there when it comes to mental health training for line managers? We’ve curated them from around the web, from different organisations, so you can browse them in one place.

1. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England Line Managers’ Resource
Link: PDF
Overview: Starting with recruitment and promoting and covering how to promote the role of wellbeing in the organisation and trying to spot the early warning signs, this report helps line managers develop greater awareness, practical skills and knowledge.

2. Line Managers’ Resource: A practical guide to managing and supporting people with mental health problems in the workplace
Link: PDF
Overview: This guide takes a holistic approach to managing wellbeing, recognising that everyone and every workplace is different. It is therefore a good read for line managers looking to better understand the nuances of mental wellbeing at work.

3. Managing time off and preparing for return to work
Link: Website
Overview: Specifically looking at absences due to mental health, this information from Bupa looks at how managers can better manage these mental health-related absences, causing as little disruption and maintaining an ongoing conversation about mental wellbeing.

4. Line managers’ resource: a practical guide to managing & supporting mental health in the workplace
Link: PDF
Overview: A practical guide on how managers can better manage and support people that are experiencing stress, distress and mental health problems. The guide covers areas such as talking openly, developing trust, intervening early and keeping in touch during sickness absence.

5. Talking about mental health problems and dealing with disclosure
Link: Website
Overview: How managers can open up the conversation about mental health in the workplace and what to do if employees disclose a condition - useful advice that can help managers become more confident dealing with mental health in the workplace.

6. Transforming the role of line managers: A blueprint for unlocking employee mental wellbeing and productivity
Link: PDF
Overview: A practical and in-depth guide looking at the role of the line manager and the leadership capabilities required to unlock employee wellbeing, all the way through to key policies that can assist this outcome including job design and specialist support.

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27th Jan 2018 17:18

i don't know all these complicated things, but i know a way to calm my mind, i think it works for most of the guys check it out

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