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Coffee break

Supporting elearning authors, an existential crisis for L&D and goal-setting for remote colleagues

8th May 2017
Managing Editor TrainingZone
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Give yourself a well-earned break and take five to catch up on some highlights of this week's L&D news and opinion.

Let us know what you think of the articles we've shared, and tell us what you've enjoyed reading too!

A new goal-setting framework for a team that doesn’t work on projects together (Buffer Blog)

Goal-setting is a challenge when colleagues are physically co-located; it becomes even harder when they're working virtually. 

This is a good piece that explores Buffer's journey with goal-setting, from using OKRs  to the 'modified Warren Buffet' system, until they find one that is suitable for their increasingly virtual teams.

What is L&D actually for in this day and age...? (David James FLPI)

Responding to a blog post by industry commentator Sukh Pabial, David tackles the idea that L&D is broken and needs to change.

He says that L&D became obsessed with 'learning,' to the detriment of other tools in the toolbag, and introduces some interesting ideas about employee 'currency,' or what someone knows compared to what the business needs them to know.

4 things every team wants from their leader (Inc)

Not a groundbreaking piece but a good reminder all the time. Clear direction, praise, support and... one more for you to find out. 

How to support e-learning authors that have no experience (Kasper Spiro)

A really important article that recognises subject matter experts are not always great teachers, or great writers, or great learning designers.

Kasper analyses the problem and gives some practical tips to help SMEs create better content more quickly.

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