The L&D Coffee Briefing: Skeptics, gender bias and why to trust your gut

Coffee Briefing
Shonette Laffy
Deputy Editor
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We've spent the week sifting through a pile of L&D articles and blogs just so we can single out the most interesting ones for you to read - isn't that nice?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or feel free to tell us what you've enjoyed reading, watching, or even listening to - we're keen to expand our podcast knowledge!

Science in learning

- If we're going to talk about brainwaves, we should know what they are (Big Think)

- The hidden power in trusting your gut instincts (Fast Company)

- Why we need to become story skeptics (Harold Jarche)

Self development

- Leaders vs Managers, and why you need both (BusinessZone)

- How to adopt a beginner's mindset (Creative Huddle)

- I flit from field to field in work, but how do I find my passion? (Guardian Careers)

- Why wouldn't you bring yourself to work? (Ian Buckingham, LinkedIn)


Better training

- The training secrets that unlock sales performance success (MyCustomer)

- Err...does hesitation make you a better speaker? (Quiet Revolution)

- Are L&D living in an alternate world? (Laura Overton, LinkedIn)

Inclusion & diversity

- Why I trained myself not to be a 'woman in tech' (Buffer Blog)

- Unconcious gender bias: Experience of both genders through one pair of eyes (The Big Idea)

- Are subminimum wages for the disabled ever a good thing? (The Atlantic)


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