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Business woman managing a small team
Business woman managing a small team

Video: The secret to managing people well

11th Sep 2018
CEO Clear Lessons & The Charity Learning Consortium
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In the Clear Lessons video featured below, Keily Blair explains the principles that she uses for management, which include balancing freedom with support whilst avoiding micromanaging.

“In order to manage people well”, says Keily Blair, “I really think that you need to do two things: You need to balance allowing them to spread their wings and take a chance, but you also need to be willing to support them when they fail. And I think those two things together are what makes a really great manager.

“Lawyers have a tendency to micro-manage. So it’s trying to restrain ourselves from being too nit-picky, too on top of the juniors, too involved in the day-to-day stuff that we don’t necessarily need to be involved in as we get more senior, to allow the junior people in your team to take on more responsibility, to begin to make judgement calls, to begin to advise the clients independently. But you don’t want to let them do that without some degree of oversight.

And so, it’s about getting that balance right, the right amount of supervision. That’s how to manage people well.”

Watch the full video here

More on Keily...

Keily Blair is an award winning regulatory investigations and disputes lawyer in cyber & data protection practice and is the Director of Contentious Cyber & Data Privacy at PwC. Prior to joining PwC, she was a litigator at Morrison & Foerster and Allen & Overy LLP.  She was the Winner of the Women in the City Future Leaders Award 2015 and the First 100 Inspirational Women in Law Award 2016. She’s also the co-Founder and Chair of the cross-sector network Fractio Vitri (FV) for women u-35 in the City.

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