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listening skills
listening skills

Video: Why listening is a vital leadership skill

19th Feb 2019
CEO Clear Lessons & The Charity Learning Consortium
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In the Clear Lessons video below, Maggie Buggie explains why listening skills are so critical. She describes the wake-up call in her career that helped her listen more effectively.

“The only thing that I would have done differently in my career, if I had that time again, would be to develop the ability to listen effectively a lot earlier. Because I know I have missed out on great learning opportunities, great insights and pieces of advice, because I did not have the ability to listen effectively early enough.”

When she joined Fujitsu, she got a wake-up call: “I was like a bull in a china shop. A board member took me aside and said, ‘Maggie, you are just so busy, your whole aura is fizzing…You're not taking in anything in this room. We need you to take this in.’”

“As a leader it’s really important to develop the ability to listen to those around you, particularly those who have got different perspectives, different approaches, a different view of risk management, for instance, than you do. Because you need their input to make the right decision on behalf of the enterprise for which you're responsible."

Watch the video for the full story...

More on Maggie

Maggie Buggie is SVP, Global Head of SAP Innovation Services at SAP software.  She leads digital innovation services globally, helping customers achieve business impact from intelligent technologies such as machine Learning, AI and blockchain. She has previously worked for Capgemini, Fujitsu and Accenture and is a member of the Companions Board of the Chartered Management Institute.

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