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Coffee briefing: augmented reality, leveraging your board seat and the realities of point-of-need learning

24th Apr 2017
Managing Editor TrainingZone
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Give yourself a well-earned break and take five to catch up on some highlights of this week's L&D news and opinion.

Let us know what you think of the articles we've shared, and tell us what you've enjoyed reading too!

VR in Learning Research – Our Summary & Lessons Learned (Niall Gavin)

Following a three-month learning 'odyssey,' Niall Gavin explores what he feels are the main implications for L&D from VR.

The Secret To Learning At The Point-of-Need (David James)

Learning leader David James takes an interesting look at exactly whose 'point-of'need' we're talking about and highlights some examples of times when we say point-of-need but don't really mean it. He also offers some thoughts on frameworks and learning strategies that work particularly well for point-of-need learning.

Leveraging Your Seat at the Table (Chief Learning Officer)

Resurfaced as part of their From the Vault series, this piece from 2005 (!) discusses how L&D leaders should try to maximise the organisational benefit from their current seat at the table before trying to redefine their role to make it more effective.

UK’s skills crisis laid bare, says new research (CIPD)

Depressing reading from the CIPD based on fresh research, suggesting that the UK is "sleepwalking into a low-value, low-skills economy." Overall, the report ranked England and Northern Ireland in the bottom four OECD countries for literacy and numeracy among 16-24 year olds.

Why We’ve Stopped Saying “Culture Fit” and What We’re Saying Instead (Buffer)

Interesting reading from Buffer on why they don't think hiring for 'culture fit' is fit for purpose and some alternatives they are toying around with internally. They admit the new measures are as flawed as 'culture fit,' but still feel they are a marked improvement for trying to increase diversity.

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07th Jun 2017 12:32

I've shared this with all the trainers in my organisation. Thanks for share it

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