Employee Development To Combat Rising Absence Levels

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The cost of bogus sickies, claimed by nine million workers each year could be capped by implementing employee development schemes.

These are the findings of a survey conducted by training and development organisation Changing Perspective.

A quarter of people interviewed admitted to feigning illness to attend a job interview, whilst a third of mid-week visitors to the UK’s major theme parks have not taken a holiday in order to attend.

And if they’re not riding a rollercoaster, employees are out drinking: two thirds of young professionals quizzed admitted to pulling a sickie within the last month in order to recover from a heavy night’s drinking.

Workplace absence cost the UK £12.2 billion last year, with rogue infirmity losing companies £1.7 billion.

Just over half of UK employers have signalled their concern with almost nine out of ten (87%) companies considering action to deal with the problem.

Employee development schemes, inspirational leadership and honesty during the recruitment process are the recommended means of combating the issues; yet Fiona Silberbach, Managing Director of Changing Perspective, admits it isn’t an issue that will disappear quickly:

“Absenteeism cannot be changed overnight, nor can it be tackled by one activity, such as bringing in free incentives or staff messages.

“It is a holistic approach, about longer term belief in investing time and energy into employees and creating an environment which helps people believe in themselves, their jobs and their colleagues.”


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