How Did I Get Here? Rob Sheffield, Consultant in Leadership

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Each week TrainingZONE will feature a questionnaire completed by one of our members. This week it's the turn of Rob Sheffield, independent Consultant in Leadership, Management and Team development.
Rob Sheffield

Name: Rob Sheffield.

Position: Consultant in leadership, management and team development.

How did you get to your current role? I worked in Human Resources and Development for 11 years, in the publishing, direct marketing and aerospace industries. I ended up as a training manager, managing a department, budget with all the strategic and operational balancing that make the role interesting. I much preferred the developmental aspects of HR, and found that I was stimulated by working with others to help them develop their potential. It brought out the best in me. I became self-employed in 1999.

What are the best and worst aspects of your role?
Best: Having some choice over the sort of work I do, and working with lots of talented people. And...seeing my daughter grow up.
Worst: The relentless perils of self-employment.

What is your most over-used phrase? "Well..."

What is your most hated buzzword? Human Resources.

What is the best lesson you have learnt? Once we have a focus, the opportunities emerge.

What has been your best career moment so far? Making the decision to become self-employed.

What has been your worst training moment? The early years: "Why am I doing this, it's scary... I like this a lot, it's great...why am I doing this..."

What will be the next big thing for training? Variants of products will sprout at growing rates, but 'proving' that training pays off will matter more. Becoming more attuned to the business needs, and collaborating with others to agree main priorities. Overall, acting as a business consultant from start to end. Generally, becoming more commercially aware.

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