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Coffee Break

Mindsets, machine learning and the next frontier for L&D tech

6th Feb 2017
Deputy Editor TrainingZone
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It's time for another of our weekly updates on the news, opinion and blogs from across the world of L&D, so make sure you're sitting comfortably!

Tell us what you think of the articles we've shared, and let us know what you've enjoyed reading too.


- Debunking five growth mindset myths (Jeremy Frith, LinkedIn)

- The top jobs in 10 years might not be what you expect (Fast Company)

- Performance appraisals encourage a 'fixed' mindset (Cognoscenti)

My eight-year-old's workload warning led me to a healthier balance (BusinessZone)


- Machine learning and fashion (Huffington Post)

Ethics — the next frontier for artificial intelligence (Tech Crunch)

What will digital learning do differently in 2017? (David Wilson, LinkedIn)

Thoughts on advancements in technology and the world of work (Thinking About Learning)


- Digital L&D pt3: How to run a resources-first initiative (Modern Learning in Practice)

Post-learning: what to do now learning is dead (Nick Shackleton-Jones, LinkedIn)

What we've learned from onboarding 300+ people in 18 months (Medium)

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