VT Training Welcomes Expansion In Work-Based Learning Opportunities

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I applaud the continued support for work-based learning from both employers and government that today’s announcement by the QCA represents.

It is hugely encouraging to see such prominent employers recognising the fact that the provision of internal, work-based learning that leads to the award of accredited qualifications is fundamental to the long-term success of their businesses.

We have long been at the forefront of the battle to win recognition of the fact that the delivery of such qualifications via the workplace offers a valid alternative route to gaining skills and knowledge to the traditional academic model. This move by the QCA is a very welcome step along that path.

The success of these qualifications will depend upon employers developing robust, structured programmes that deliver the transferable skills and knowledge that will enable learners to continue their personal development as they progress up the career ladder.

To win credibility, employers will need to demonstrate rigour in both their training and assessment techniques and, given the extensive experience that VTT has of working with many of the UK’s leading companies, we have every confidence that they will succeed in providing high quality learning opportunities and valuable qualifications to all those of their staff who seek to increase their skill sets and future opportunities.

VTT Managing Director Alex Khan.


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