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Young Want to Work for Socially Responsible Companies

1st Aug 2007
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Research undertaken by BT has highlighted the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) amongst young professionals.

More than a third (35.4%) of those surveyed claimed that working for a caring and responsible employer was more important to them than the salary they earned, and 44% said they would discount an employer if they didn’t have a good CSR reputation.

Despite being a relatively new business function for some companies, 99% of the young professionals surveyed knew what the term meant.

Other key findings included:

  • Nearly half (48.5%) felt so strongly about companies having CSR polices and acting responsibly that they claimed it should be compulsory.
  • Opinion was split about where companies should be focusing their CSR efforts, however 33% considered the environment the most important, edging out market innovation, workplace commitments (flexible working, staff welfare) and community investment.
  • 25.5% believed business had the most influence on the future of our planet, which was second only to government (36.7 per cent).
  • Alison Garner, CSR communications manager at BT, said: “These results reflect our experience at BT – that young professionals are increasingly looking at CSR when considering which companies and brands they might work for. Not only is it important to have a solid CSR policy, but it is also increasingly important for companies to communicate what they are doing as it is an area which can undoubtedly provide competitive advantage.”


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