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I am trying to locate copies of two training videos at reasonable rental price or second hand purchase to enable me to market and deliver two courses on the topic. The first is a Video Arts production "Selection Skills for Managers" featuring John Cleese, Dawn French and Hugh Laurie - very good for reinforcing basic skills training. The second is an older video from Melrose called "More than a Gut Feel" which demonstrates behavioral competency based interviewing techniques.

Any ideas on sourcing would be appreciated. I cannot afford the £1000 price tag per video purchased new.

Karen Hockaday
Independent H.R. Consultant

Karen Hockaday


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By rodwebb
20th Sep 2000 17:04

Most of the large producers of training videos have rental options as well as purchse. You might want to try Hallamtechnic on 01132 468321 who are distributors for Video Arts, BBC, Melrose etc etc. I am sure they will be able to arrange rental as well as purchase. Hope this helps.

Rod Webb
pdc online

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By admin
29th Sep 2000 17:36


Can I suggest you contact Melrose/Video Arts (now the same company) or one of their approved suppliers. If you try to purchase or rent one of their videos from any other source you could be infringing their copyright. Certainly the person supplying the video is likely to be doing so. The video producers view this very seriously and will take action through the courts. Your best bet is to contact Video Arts. Their telephone number is 020 7637 7288.

Marc Carpenter

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