Need help on technical know-how on distance learning

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dear all

I work at a gov agency in phils.
we were planning to put up a distance learning course
but not fully aware of the infrastructure behind it.
we lack the technical know how.
could you help us find info regarding our problem.

thanks very much,

alvin tan

alvin alvin


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By admin
15th Mar 2001 23:52


You don't say whether it is web-based or traditionally-based distance learning. If web-based, my latest electronic publication Making the Transition to Online Learning could be helpful as it provides an overview, including cross-functional flow chart, of what is required to establish an online learning delivery and management system. If not, please email me and I'm happy to discuss some requirements/options for traditional system


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16th Mar 2001 10:01

We have piloted both of the above methods. Using on line interaction for both, the former is the simplest and requires the least equipment (Internet access and telephone line). I'd be happy to discuss this matter with you.
I can be contacted at

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