2022 workplace learning trends report

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9th Nov 2021

The 2022 Workplace Learning Trends Report offers a unique perspective on the job skills employees and companies need to be competitive in today’s world. 

By building learning as an expectation into the flow of work, each member of the workforce is empowered to own their learning experience and unlock possibilities for themselves and the organisation.

This year’s report examines consumption data across three disciplines — power, tactical, and technical skills — to offer a view into what the global workforce learned in the last year.

“Power skills have always been an important part of workplace learning, and their importance has only grown more urgent as the global workforce navigates the changes of the last few years. Enabling employees to develop power skills related to communication, collaboration, and change leadership is key to building an agile business and a strong company culture.” - Melissa Daimler, Chief Learning Officer, Udemy 

Download the annual report to discover:

  • Why power skills are replacing soft skills
  • The most in-demand technical skills of the past year
  • Tactical skill trends that will help non-technical employees succeed

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