A Modern Learning Journey: The Guidebook

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The learning landscape of the modern workforce is undergoing a radical transformation. Learners are becoming more independent and skills requirements are evolving, bringing fresh challenges for organisations to face.

If you’re going to overcome these challenges and navigate the modern learning landscape, you’re going to have to acquaint yourself with what modern learning looks like, speak the modern learner’s language and discover the changes you’ll need to make in order to ensure its smooth sailing all the way for your L&D.

This handy guidebook has everything you need to help you prepare for your journey into modern learning.

In this guide, you'll gain a greater understanding of:

  • What the modern learning landscape looks like
  • The needs of the modern learner
  • Why learning has changed in the workplace
  • Ways you can cultivate a culture of learning in the modern workplace
Thinqi A Modern learning Journey

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