Digital learning maturity in your organisation

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29th Mar 2021

The digital revolution hasn’t just changed how we approach learning; it has been transforming the structure of work organisation for two decades now.

As skills training became more interconnected with a company’s organisational structure, the more it became linked to its business and financial results. But the ideal link between learning and results is one that is built step by step because it is interconnected with the company’s culture, management, governance and technology network.

Luckily, there is a way to measure the effectiveness of Corporate Learning Systems, via a “maturity scale”. By evaluating the maturity of an organisation, you can pinpoint the level of L&D effectiveness and the impact of learning

Through this new e-Book, written by a CrossKnowledge expert on Corporate Maturity, we help you think about how to assess the maturity level of an organisation, using models that have been refined over time.

Then discover how CrossKnowledge can help you pinpoint the maturity level of your organisation, giving you the solid foundation to make your Digital Learning projects even more effective and specially adapted to your unique context.

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