Embracing engineering e-learning –case studies from Ricardo, Hoar Lea and Bechtel

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With continuous learning critical to business success, more and more engineering businesses are turning to innovative e-learning solutions to optimise training budgets, support a diverse workforce and deliver positive learning outcomes.

Flexible e-learning solutions, such as the IET Academy, give businesses confidence that they are providing their technical staff with the highly specialised skills they need to lead the business forward.

  • Helps engineers  maintain standards and demonstrate their competences
  • You reach a wide audience working on and off-site through  ‘anytime, anywhere’ training
  • Save your budget - no travel/accommodation overheads
  • Continuously  develop and retain a motivated and best-in-class workforce

Download the Insight including case studies from leading engineering and technology companies  Ricardo, Hoar Lea and Bechtel.



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