Increase Learning Engagement Through Learning in the Flow of Work (FLO)

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StoryShare has brought together a group of Learning Industry experts to find out what FLO really means to them. The key points are summarised in this report so that you can draw your conclusions around what FLO means for you. The report also includes a very practical two-action process that you can take to understand where you could start.

Download the report to learn:

  • What does ‘Learning in the Flow of Work’ (FLO) mean to you and / or your business?
  • Where do examples of FLO exist today within your organisation and how successful are they?
  • What groups of people do you think would benefit the most from a FLO
  • Why would FLO not deliver value for your organisation?
  • Which current applications within your business can enable FLO to be successful?

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