27th Jul 2021

Management readiness in 2021: leaving no stone unturned

In this report, Laura Overton shares guidance on achieving management mastery in the new era of complexity. Download to find out more!
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Management norms have had to shift dramatically as a result of the pandemic and are unlikely to revert back to pre-Covid times. With a renewed focus on prioritising people, the skills and capabilities of managers today are in critical need of development. 

This whitepaper, developed by TrainingZone in partnership with The Open University, calls for a transformative approach that leaves no stone unturned and aspires to achieve management mastery. 

Old management training will only build old management approaches.

Written by award winning industry analyst Laura Overton, the report offers guidance on unlocking the potential of existing managers, better enabling hidden talent to flourish, and equipping future managers with the right skills from the get go. You will also read stories from inspirational managers who have used tools and models at their disposal to adapt, grow and enable others to do so as well.

Recommended by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

“As the report highlights, the post-pandemic workplace will demand a diverse set of skills for both current and future managers,” states Daisy Hooper, Head of Policy & Public Affairs at the CMI. “We encourage employers to read and take on board the report's timely recommendations on how to develop and nurture existing and new talent.”

This report explores:

  • Existing talent – How do we help existing managers get ready for the future of work?
  • Hidden talent – How do we build confidence and capability in those who have not had the opportunity to shine?
  • New talent – How do we prepare the next generation of workers so that they are management ready from the get go?

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