Mobile Learning in the Workplace: 2018 and Beyond

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30th Aug 2018

With the increase in business mobility solutions, companies have also come to understand and appreciate the relevance and power of mobiles for organisational Learning & Development, making 'today' the day for embracing Mobile Learning in the workplace. 

mLearning is no more just a concept, nor is it an 'option', it's a ''must have'' for organisations of all sizes and types. However, in the same vein, while there are a ton of new mobile technologies and trends out there, not all have (immediate) applications in L&D. Or are not so feasible from the adoption POV in terms of time, effort, money and returns.

So, as critical it is to make the decision on incorporating mLearning in your L&D interventions, it's equally important to find the 'correct' path through the labyrinth and focus only on the mLearning tools and solutions that are appropriate for 'you'.

Seems daunting? Not when we have got you covered in our comprehensive eBook that will tell you the what, the why and the how of Mobile Learning in the workplace.

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