Programmatic learning: A beginners’ guide to complex skills development

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17th Nov 2020

Our businesses have complex skills needs and our employees are at the heart of any real business transformation; they are the ones delivering the customer experience and driving profit and results. And they need learning in the workflow. They need mentorship, support and connection with their peers. They need a programme of learning designed to support spaced practice, application and knowledge retention.

eLearning and videos and even learning experience platforms have their place. But they may fall short when solving complicated business challenges. 

This framework allows us to use technology as the fundamental driver of our learning programmes, leverage AI, digital coaching and roleplay opportunities, and even facilitate group work and collaboration online. Learning programmes may not be a new concept, but when interwoven with the modern approaches and technology we now have at our disposal, they are proving a vital part of any L&D strategy.

Download this eBook to explore what programmatic learning looks like amidst a modern business landscape, and understand why modern technologies with fresh mindsets may well be the real recipe for your success.


What you'll learn

  • What programmatic learning is
  • Six of its business benefits
  • When you should use it
  • Key ways to introduce it in your business
  • How to blend online and instructor-led training

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