RESEARCH: Which learning technologies are trending in 2019?

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2nd May 2019

Change is afoot in the L&D industry – driven by emerging technologies, mounting pressure to address the skills gap, a shift towards workflow learning and more.

To combat the many challenges faced by learning practitioners today, an array of new and exciting technologies are entering the market with the promise of creating a lasting impact on the L&D sector. Some of these offerings are steamrolling ahead – achieving en masse adoption –  while others are struggling to gain traction. But which? 

Based on a global survey of 316 learning professionals, TrainingZone’s L&D tech barometer research helps to answer this question, while also exploring the different ways in which organisations view the emergence of these new technologies.

In addition, the report features analysis of the research findings and a call for positive action from Donald H Taylor, Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute.

Download the research report now to uncover how L&D practitioners are responding to the latest tech trends in the industry.



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