Structure, not restriction: Putting the workplace learner first

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7th Aug 2017

The need to constantly learn, unlearn and re-learn skills and new thinking has never been greater.

Why? Because the capabilities and skills your organisation needs today are different from tomorrow.

Written by industry veteran Donald H Taylor, this free whitepaper draws on recent research commissioned by The Open University and authored by Towards Maturity to help you develop a learning culture that puts the workplace learner first, so you can build the skills and abilities your organisation needs for the future.  

You'll learn about:

  • The role of technology in empowering your learners and ramping organisational performance
  • Why work-based learning is a valuable formula for modern learning success and skills development
  • How modern apprenticeships offer flexibility and up-to-date capabilities to help deliver on KPIs

There’s so much more in there about future-proofing your organisation by creating the right learning culture.

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