1st Jul 2019

The changing role of L&D: from learning to performance

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How can L&D professionals successfully transform the industry?

In an effort to make L&D more business aligned, the most progressive learning professionals are now switching their thinking away from reactively building commissioned courses to proactively hunting down and tackling business problems – becoming strategic, front-line partners. 

This shift from course creators to value makers brings another change – we need to think about what L&D professionals perceive their purpose to be. They are not the experts of each field within the business, and yet they are currently the sole content writers. Enlisting the help of specialists within different areas of the business to develop content results in material that is stronger and more compelling.

In turn, L&D teams become responsible for planning, commissioning and even deploying content, transforming themselves into strategic curators who unlock the company’s inherent talent.

With valued contributions from L&D thought leaders Charles Jennings, Jane Daly and Naomi Lockwood, this report explores in more detail the rapidly changing landscape of the learning profession as well as the urgent need for L&D practitioners to respond and adapt in order to stay relevant and, indeed, thrive.

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